Ernest Lecuona - The Composer of Malaguena

THE MUSIC | Piano Works

Lecuona's piano music is a very important and significant contribution to 20th-century music. In all, the composer wrote 176 pieces for piano solo. Among the most famous are the six which comprise the Andalucia Suite-Cordoba, Andaluza, Alhambra, Gitanerias, Guadalquivir and Malaguena.

Other well-known works are Ante El Escorial, Zambra Gitana, Aragonesa, Granada, San Francisco El Grande, AragonLa Habanera. Another great Lecuona album contains the 7 Danzas Cubana Tipicas. These are among Lecuona's most exciting pieces. One is the renowned virtuoso whirlwind called La 32, one of the most exciting pieces in all of the piano literature.

Newly released is Ernesto Lecuoba's Piano Music, a large compilation of piano works which includes in a single album the Danzas Cubanas Tipicas, the Valses de Conciertos, the Suite from the ballet El Sombrero de Yarey and several other works which have been difficult to obtain.

The Tirino recordings on BIS and Lecuona's own recordings on RCA are considered classics.


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